Connect your company’s cars and make life easier for drivers and admin, while also keeping up-to-date on all your company’s vehicles and vehicle costs.

Magnus Hequist, Infobric Fleet

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How Ease Fleet works

Company car

Ease Fleet automatically registers all trips and creates a complete driver’s log with routes and congestion taxes in accordance with Swedish Tax Agency guidelines. The information is easy to both review and export whenever you want, from whatever unit you want.

Digitalt flöde för företagsbil

Ease Driving journal

Automatic driving journal for your company cars

Automatic driver’s log that meets Swedish Tax Agency requirements and digitizes unnecessary administrative work.

Elektronisk körjournal digital i app

Ease Track & trace

Keep track of your assets

Your cars, your machines, your tools, your equipment – all in a searchable map view with real-time updates. Never lose sight of where your vehicles are again!

Ease Analysis & Administration

Easy administration and analysis

Real-time status. View your vehicles’ current routes, battery levels and other quick data directly on your cellphone to help you make the right decisions every day.

Körjournal i datorn

Drivers don’t have to write things down manually, and I don’t have to go around chasing up driver’s logs. It’s a really simple system that works.

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Ease Track and trace

Your cars, machines, tools and equipment – enjoy all your assets in a searchable and real time visualized digital map.

Ease Driving behavior

Ease Driving behavior analysis makes it possible to increase safety and decrease wear and tear.

Ease Cost analysis

Collect data and create insights on how to reduce your fleet and machine costs.

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