Driving journal & Congestion Tax

Automatic driver’s log that meets Tax Agency requirements and digitizes the travel accounting process

  • Easy installation
  • Register all trips with congestion tax
  • With driver integrity protection

Preview your vehicle fleet

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Always a complete driving joural

Electronic driving journal

All trips are registered with routes, addresses, and start and stop times. Drivers then categorize trips as either private or business trips using the app.

Elektronisk körjournal digital i app

Automatic solution for customs passages

Congestion tax for company vehicles

Routes subject to congestion taxes and local levies are registered with the place, time and cost.

One app and three clicks is all it takes - Hemsö Fastigheter has made it easy

Monitor your entire reimbursement flow

Simple mileage reimbursement and travel accounting

Drivers approve their driver’s logs at the end of the month before their manager confirms them. Trips are then forwarded to payroll or a leasing partner for mileage reimbursement and travel accounting.

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arbetsledare använder digital fleetmanament

Visualize your vehicle data

Your favorite report

Get readymade reports with all your company’s driver’s logs, or work more actively with the system and get an overview of your company’s trips in real-time. And it goes without saying that you can export all trips whenever you like in PDF or Excel format

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