Track & trace

Your cars, machines, tools, and equipment – all in a searchable map view with real-time updates.

  • Real-time locations for your company assets
  • Geofence function for retroactive location analysis and active alerts
  • Map layers and route planning for managers

Preview your vehicle fleet

Enter your organization number to view your vehicle park in Ease Fleet.

Jag godkänner Integritetspolicyn

Overview all your assets

Real-time maps

All your connected units on Google Maps. Follow a vehicle’s trip in real-time or get an overview of hundreds of units simultaneously.

Körjournal med karta i dator

Your vehicles usage

Location history

See where your units have been over time. Use a time filter to see if your vehicles are being used outside of working hours.

I usually keep an eye things all day long. It makes things safer for both me and the drivers, especially when they’re out on a job alone

Optimize your working day

Route planning

Redirect your vehicle fleet in case of accidents or highway maintenance. Just as if you were out in the field in person.

Man som sitter vid dator och administrerar sin fordonsflotta
geofence för gps spårning av verktyg och utrustning

Where, when and how often was your project visited?

Map layers & location analysis

Monitor customer visit history or visits to work sites using Geofence.

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No more tracking down company tools means you save valuable working time.

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By monitoring driving behavior, you can increase safety, reduce wear and tear, and cap fuel costs.

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