Make life easier for drivers and payroll alike by connecting your company’s vehicles. Automatic driving journal with congestion tax.

  • Automatic congestion tax and
  • Easy installation without modifying your vehicle
  • Employers only see business trips after they have been approved
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How Ease Fleet works

Benefit car

A unit in the car automatically registers all trips with complete data such as routes, congestion tax and local levies. After approval by the driver, documents are created for mileage reimbursement directly in the payroll system itself. Should the Tax Agency ever get in touch, a complete driver’s log is never further away than your computer or cellphone.

Upptäck ett automatiskt flöde för förmånsbil - Administration.

Ease Driving journal

Automatic driving journal for benefit cars

Automatically registers all trips and creates a complete driver’s log with routes and congestion taxes in accordance with Tax Agency guidelines.

Elektronisk körjournal digital i app

Ease Congestion tax

Automatic registration of congestion tax

Drivers no longer have to keep physical records of all congestion tax routes, and finance officers no longer have to hunt down documents for doing travel accounts and mileage reimbursement.

Ease Analysis & Administration

Administration and analysis of all benefit cars

Analyze and create a clear status overview to see how you can reduce your company’s vehicle costs with precise data from every vehicle.

Körjournal i datorn

We don’t have to go through some 50 files. Instead, we approve one list per month for everybody’s travel. Now, we’ve integrated the workflow with our payroll system as well

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Ease Driving behaviour

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