Optimize your fleet by analyzing historical trips and driving patterns for smarter planning and work in future. You receive data like position, driving behavior, fuel consumption and temperature.

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How Ease Fleet works

Transport vehicle

Once installed, the unit sends location and operating data to the portal so that you can view current locations, driving behavior, temperature, routes and much, much more.

Ease Temperature

Hot or cold? Monitor goods in real-time and produce a report with minute-by-minute temperature documentation.

Check the goods temperature in real time and produce a report with the temperature documented minute by minute.

Temperaturuppföljnign av transportfordon i mobilen

Ease Track & trace

Keep track of your transport vehicles

Check the goods in your transport vehicles in real time and produce a report with the temperature documented minute by minute.

Ease Analysis & Administration

Easy administration and analysis of your vehicles

Analyze and compare how much your vehicles are actually being used. Data such as total journey time, routes and CO2 emissions are presented in neat graphs with a single click.

Analys av hela fordonsflottan i datorn

I get a warning in the app at which point I can hop in my car and go see what’s wrong

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Ease Fleet Company car

Connect your fleet and simplify management.

Ease Driving behavior

Ease Driving behavior analysis makes it possible to increase safety and decrease wear and tear.

Ease Cost analysis

Collect data and create insights on how to reduce your fleet and machine costs.

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