Streamline how your company handles its tools and other resources so you can focus on your work, instead of looking for your assets.

  • Inventory function including checkout
  • All your units in the same portal as your vehicles
  • Durable hardware for the toughest environments
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How Ease Fleet works

Tools & assets

Collect all your vehicles, tools and other equipment under the same digital roof. This solution gives you complete control over your company’s resources with smart functions, real-time data and searchability. Always on your cellphone.

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Preview your vehicle fleet

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Ease My tools

Put your tools on the map

With My Tools you can finally check who’s using the tool right now, and where. No more tracking down company tools means you save valuable working time.

Verktygsspårning på karta i app

Ease Track & trace


Set up a geographical area that you wish to monitor and the system will register every time the unit leaves or enters, and will send you notifications as required.

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Ease Track and trace

Your cars, machines, tools and equipment – enjoy all your assets in a searchable and real time visualized digital map.

Ease Driving behavior

Ease Driving behavior analysis makes it possible to increase safety and decrease wear and tear. 

Ease Cost analysis

Collect data and create insights on how to reduce your fleet and machine costs.

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