BuildSafe becomes Infobric Field

With the new brand we highlight our shift from a safety tool to a QHSE-platform for the site managers

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More observations
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Faster time-to resolve
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Fewer incidents

User-friendly QHSE-platform to manage your site

Manage your site


Site inductions

Smooth and easy online registration.

Ad-hoc reporting

Enables everyone on site to report observations and incidents.


User-friendly tools for combining checklists, forms and controls.

Deviation management

Full control on site with bespoke task lists updated in real-time.


Automated analysis and visualisation of trends and KPI’s.


Investigations of Near Misses and Accidents to map out and identify root causes.

Why Infobric Field?

Fast onboarding

Easy to get started with user-friendly functionality adapted based on role


Great flexibility in adapting work flows and templates to fit with your processes and procedures

Drive results

Result-oriented platform uniquely focused on speed to resolution and individual accountability


Visual tools to track status, analyse trend and compare performance

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”Infobric Field helps us create safer construction sites. By using the tool we get more eyes on site and risks that I don't see are raised to my attention. It increases risk awareness in our projects."
- Christine Johansson, Health & Safety manager

Our customers

Contact us.

Frequently asked questions.

As an existing customer you can either fill out our form for project onboarding or contact your customer success manager. If you don’t have an enterprise agreement you can fill out the form to be contacted by one of our colleagues.

To access the registration form, you can either scan a QR code or use an induction link created for the project - contact your site manager to get correct details. When you have access to the registration you can follow our guide: How does registration for the introduction work?

Download the app Infobric Field from AppStore or Google Play. The web plattform is available at

Click Report in the menu in our mobile app, or go via Incidents in the project view on web. All users have the ability to report observations and incidents.

When a responsible person has investigated the report, a notification will automatically be sent back by email to the person reporting. 

Inspections are documented via the mobile app. If you have scheduled your inspection it is visible under the home screen, if not you can schedule one via the plus sign next to Rounds in the menu.

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