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Jag godkänner Integritetspolicyn

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All individuals can easily pre-register their details online before arriving to the project

Project management gets a clear overview and can check certificates and qualifications

Everyone on site can access important documents and sign that they have read them

Everyone that has been inducted is able to report observations and incidents, and can access useful project information

The induction process begins before arriving to the project and is every individuals responsibility to complete correctly


The individual registers general information


Register necessary qualifications and skills


Read and sign necessary documents


Physical introduction and validation of tasks


Approved to work on site and invited to Infobric Field

Add admin who is responsible for the induction process

Set up standardized and project-specific documents

Administrate the project’s certificate requirements

Insert personal information and next-of-kin

Upload ID and relevant certificates

Read and approve necessary documents

Sign digitally

Full overview & easily accessible documentation

Get full control of all employees' certificates, trainings and qualifications.

Ensure GPDR compliance

Protect all workers, all personal data is handled in line with GDPR-regulations.

Save time in the induction process

Reduce the administrative burden of paper-based inductions by allowing all individuals to pre-register before arriving to the project.

Distribute critical information

Give everyone access to updated information about the project and ensure that they have understood with e-signing.

Infobric Field

User-friendly QHSE-platform to manage your site

Understand and communicate requirements. Do the right checks at the right time. Address any identified deficiencies. Evaluate and analyze results.

Deviation management
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Full control on site with bespoke task lists updated in real-time
Site inductions
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Smooth and easy online registration
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User-friendly tools for combining checklists, forms and controls
Ad-hoc reporting
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Enables everyone on site to report observations and incidents
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Data for analysis is automated and removes the burden of administration. Visualization of trends and KPI's. Export of data.
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Investigations of Near Misses and Accidents to map out and identify root causes and sources of risk.

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Frequently asked questions.

As an existing customer, you can either fill out our form for project start-up or contact your contact person. If you do not have a central agreement, you can fill in the form to be contacted by sales.

To access the registration form, you can either scan a QR code or use the link created for the project - contact your project for the correct information. Once you have access to the form, you can follow this guide: How does enrollment in the workplace introduction work?

Download the Infobric Field mobile application from the AppStore or Google Play. You can access the web platform at

Click Report in the menu in our mobile app, or do it under Incidents in the project view on the web. All users have the right to report observations and incidents. When a person in charge has handled the report, an email will automatically be sent out to the reporter.

Inspections are done via our mobile app. If you have a scheduled inspection, it is visible under the home screen in the app. If it is not scheduled, you can do so via the plus sign in the menu. Read more details here: How do I complete a tour?

Get a call from a salesperson.

Jag godkänner Integritetspolicyn
This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.
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